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information for the patient

Dear Patients,

We would also like to inform you that we have launched a new e-consultation service for you! You can meet a doctor and get necessary help without leaving home. You will be able to continue any treatments you have started without any barriers, get advice, e-prescription, certificate or, if necessary, a sick leave. All you need is a telephone with internet access and a popular communicator tool (WhatsApp, Messenger) or a PC (we will send a link to a video call). 


How to book and use such an appointment? It only takes 5 steps and it is really simple!

1/ Call: 42 2309657 or 692065698, choose a suitable date and time.

2/ Receive a text message with the account number to make the payment.

3/ Send the transfer confirmation to a dedicated mailbox:

4/ Receive a text message/phone call with the confirmation of your appointment.

5/ You will have you online appointment with the doctor at the agreed time.

Before the appointment, you may send photographs or test results for the doctor to study in advance of the meeting to the mailbox. These documents shall be annexed to your medical record.

The cost of the e-consultation:

Assistant professor, professor PLN 200 PLN
Medical doctor, specialist PLN 150

We encourage you to use this convenient and, given the current epidemiological situation, safe form of contacting your doctor.

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