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The pursuit of beauty lies in human nature

Dreams about immaculate body and looks are as old as humanity. Back in the ancient times, Aristotle already considered the link between body and soul inseparable because according to him the looks of the body influenced the state of the soul. They say that the body is the mirror of the soul. Therefore health, attractiveness, sense of self-confidence and satisfaction from you own body are all tightly connected. Even though beauty is a unique and unrepeatable part of nature, nature itself is often imperfect... Time passing by can be seen in each and every one of us. Various imperfections such as wrinkles and furrows appear on your face. Add the loss of skin elasticity and density. But it’s not only time that is not a beauty ally...

Aesthetic problems may have clinical background as well. For many people the illness or an aesthetic defect become the source of discomfort or even suffering. It doesn’t have to be like this. You can regain physical and psychological good mood, confidence and through that improve the quality of your life.

Regardless of the basis of the problem, Dermoklinika is a place where we will help you regain your health and beautiful look. We cannot promise that it’s going to be a quick and easy process. However we can assure you that we will support you on your way back to healthiness and in pursuit of the beauty image you want to achieve so that you can express yourself through your looks the best way possible.

Providing modern and effective clinical dermatology treatment methods as well as the opportunities and solutions modern aesthetic medicine – that is our mission and the logic behind our work.

Health is beauty! Feel beautiful in your own skin.  

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Mon-Fri 9:00 - 20:00, Sat we're closed
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