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Amelania – Discovered in 2014, Amelania is a new formula for fighting against skin discoloration!
The procedure involves applying a mask, which is left on the skin for 2 hours. This increases the penetration of active ingredients and prepares the skin to receive the cream that effects the treatment.

Effects of the treatment:

• Rejuvenation of the skin
• Improvement in the appearance and renewal of skin
• Loss of discoloration
• Improvement in the condition of the skin
• Sun exposure is safe if sunscreen is used


• Melasma
• Dull, lackluster skin
• Ageing, including photoageing
• Discoloration
• Lentigo
• Inflammatory hyperpigmentation
• Prevention of discoloration after exfoliation
• Nevus of Ota
• Acanthosis nigricans
• For improving the appearance of the skin
• Oily skin (regulates the excessive secretion of sebum)


• Active herpes
• Bullous diseases
• Pregnancy and lactation
• Hypersensitivity to any ingredient of the preparation

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